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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tofu Scramble

PJ of Seduce Your Tastebuds, who is a great friend is expecting her second baby and friends from the group of Blogging Marathon were all very excited when we heard the news. We just needed to celebrate this. So we decided on a Virtual Baby Shower for PJ. In south India we actually celebrate it as Valaikappu in which  the expecting mom is made to wear lots and lots of colourful bangles. It is beleived that the music the bangles make, makes the child happy.
For the virtual baby shower we thought of preparing a dish from PJ's blog and posting it on the same day on all our blogs. I prepared South Western Tofu Scramble form her blog. It was so delicious. Thanks PJ for the recipe. We all wish you a safe delivery...

Recipe Source: PJ of Seduce Your Tastebuds
Chilly Sauce-1tsp
Salt-to taste
Cumin Powder-1tsp
Cumin seeds-1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder-1/4tsp

1. Grate tofu and mix salt, turmeric powder, cumin powder and chilly sauce.
2. Keep it aside for 10-15minutes.
3. Heat oil and splutter cumin seeds.
4. Add onions and saute till golden.
5. Add the tomato and saute till it is completely cooked.
6. Add the capsicum and saute for a minute. The capsicum should have its crunchiness.
7. Add the tofu mixture and saute for 5 minutes on low flame.
8. Serve hot.

     These are the bangles used on my Valaikappu. It is usually conducted on 7th or 9th month. The mom to be will wear it until delivery. It is kind of cute to look at thoses bangles. They also prepare 7or9 types of variety rice for the function.
    Though we bloggers have not met in person, we really share a nice relationship and we are so happy to celebrate this event in the virtual world.  We all wish you a safe delivery, PJ!

These are the dishes we bloggers prepared for the baby shower. Arthi made a beautiful collage out of our snaps.

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  1. Love your pictures, Gayathri. Especially those bangles and the kumkum box. I haven't seen one of those in years. :)

  2. Hi this recipe luks interesting with the valaikaapu pictures just thinking about mine too..will make this as we all love paneer dosa and i can make it healthy with tofu...
    i got a doubt regarding brown sugar and molasses can u tell the tamil names of the above,i came across brown sugar in some recipe,Thanku

  3. Sabina! Brown sugar is nothing but Vellam. If you come across dark brown sugar in baking recipes, that is different. As for molasses, it is a by product obtained from refining sugar cane. I haven't seen it stores here. So If you want to replace it in a recipe go for karuppatti paagu or vella paagu...

  4. Wow such a nice gesture to have virtual baby shower....tofu scramble looks very tempting n yummy

  5. Gayatri tofu looks very nice, Loved the bangle pic, so apt for this occasion

  6. Scrambled tofu luks so delicious.....

  7. Looks so yum ..lovely idea you gals doing

  8. Scrambled tofu looks delicious...and liked your bangle click a lot..just right for the occassion

  9. WOw loved that bangles clicks, thats a prefect click for this occasion Gayathri, tofu scramble looks incredible..

  10. that's so kind and lovely post ...loved the bangle click ...looks so colourful

    You have a award in my blog do collect it dear

  11. Healthy side-dish for roti's!!! Bangles look very cute!!!!

  12. This looks awesome dear...you have made it perfectly..


  13. lovely bangles...n ofcourse super recipe!!

  14. Wow those bangles are looking awesome!..so glad you joined this celebrations..

  15. I just keep wondering how you gals picked up all my favorites!!I loved that pic with bangles and the sound of bangles is just like music na!Tofu scramble look scrumptious Gayathri.Thanks a lot for preparing this for me :)


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