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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paruppu Urundai Kulambu -Chettinad Version

Wish You All A Very Happy Diwali

I have already posted a paruppu urundai kulambu recipe. But today's recipe is completely different from the previous one. My mom used to prepare urundai with channa dhal and we used coconut in the gravy. She also deep fries the balls and add it to the gravy. My method is slightly different from her's. She had a lot of fans for that particular gravy. This gravy is a tamarind based one and uses toor dhal and goes very well with rice and dosas. The gravy was so delicious and we had a hearty lunch.

For the Paruppu Urundai:
Toor Dhal-1/3cup
ed Chilly-3
Salt-to taste
Cumin Seeds-1/2tsp
Rice Flour-1tsp
For The Gravy:
Pearl Onion-10
Sambar Powder-1tsp
Salt-to taste
Tamarind-gooseberry sized ball
Curry Leaves-a sprig
Mustard and Urad Dhal-1tsp

1. Soak dhal for 2 hours.
2. Drain water completely and grind it along with cumin, fennel, red chilly and salt to a coarse mixture. Do not add water.
3. Add rice flour and half of the finely sliced onions. Knead it and divide into 10-12equal sized balls.
4. Heat oil and splutter ustard and urad dhal. Add hing and curry leaves.
5. Add remaining onions and saute till golden.
6. Add tomatoes and cook until mushy.
7. Soak tamarind in water and extract juice. Add this to the onion.
8. Add sambar powder, salt and turmeric. Add generous amount of water.
9. When it starts boiling add the balls one by one. Add one and wait until it floats. Then add the next ball.
10. When finished adding all the balls, simmer until the balls are completely cooked and the gravy thickens.
11. Serve hot with steamed rice.

Sending this to MLLA-40 guest hosted by Suma and started by Susan.


  1. Wow,Chettinad Lentil Kofta Curry.Luks delish and amazingly yumm.Wish U a Happy and Delicious Diwali.

  2. again a new one bookmarked..looks really yum!!

  3. new one for me too...will try for sure

  4. Good one..any kind of koftas are welcome at home!

  5. wow..that's a tempting version of dal..Rich and nutritious.

  6. looks super yummy, its like a one dish meal. Happy Diwali!

  7. That's really a mouthwatering dish, Gayathri. Thanks for sending such a lovely entry.

  8. i love to make this when i have leftover vada pindi!..yumm !
    Happy Diwali!

  9. I make it similarly. You have reminded me of the dish :)

    Event: Halloween Fiesta

  10. One of my favorite kuzhambhu variety for sure!

  11. Delicious paruppu urundai kuzhambu....

  12. looks so delicious and tempting...lovely clicks dear ...
    A very Happy Diwali to you & your family !!!

  13. Looks really nice!!Love to have with white rice..yum yum!!

  14. beautiful photo! I ate this dish @ South Indies restaurant in bangalore and loved it..ever since i have been hunting for a recipe & urs comes the closest to what i ate...thanks! will definitely try this :)

  15. Amazing Recipe..... Thanks for sharing... YUMMY !!!!


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