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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rasgolla Amarkhand

This is the first time I am taking part in the 4 Velveteers group. Aparna chose Rasgolla and rasmalai for this month’s challenge. As I have posted both the recipes earlier, Aparna suggested to prepare any dish using rasgollas. When I saw Sanjeev Kapoor preparing this amarkhand, I decided that I will prepare this for this month’s challenge. It was extremely tasty and we all enjoyed it. Thank you Aparna for choosing this extremely delicious recipe.

Rasgolla Amrakhand

Mini Rasgollas-20
Hung curd-2cups
Fresh Cream-3tbs
Cardamom Powder-1/4tsp

  1. Deskin and cut mangoes to small pieces.
  2. Line a sieve with a thin muslin and pour curd into it.
  3. Keep this in fridge until the water content has completely drained. You will get very thick curd. This is hung curd.
  4. In a mixer grinder, blend the mango pieces to a fine pulp.
  5. Add the hung curd, sugar, cardamom powder and fresh cream and blend well.
  6. Refrigerate this until serving time.
  7. Prepare rasgollas. Follow this recipe for perfect rasgollas. Here I prepared mini rasgollas. For 1 litre milk I got 80 mini rasgollas.
  8. Half an hour before serving, in each glass bowl take 6 rasgollas.
  9. Top it with a generous portion of mango amarkhand. Drizzle some sugar syrup on top.
  10. Garnish with sliced pistas.
  11. Refrigerate and serve.

For the detailed recipe of Rasgollas follow the link


  1. That looks really superb n yumm...love to taste it now as I liked the idea of mixing them both

  2. Rasagolla is always my favorite.. looks very tempting..

  3. Drolling here, Can't resist it..

  4. I love rasgullas..and pairing this with mangoes must have made an irresistible dessert..superb!

  5. hats off!! rasgollas from scratch and the Amarkhand!! wow.. sweet work :)

  6. Looks delicious I am not a shrikhand or amrkhand fan but this picture of yours makes me want to grab the bowl.

  7. Looks awesome.Very innovative and tempting.

  8. rasgolla with amarakhand...sounds tempting and delicious!
    Smitha's Spicy


  9. Rasgolla is my favorite sweet.Looks yummy and so delicious.

  10. wow!! all I can say is wow!!...really I'm drooling here..

  11. wow..rasgolla looks so tempting and perfect...loved the first click..:)

  12. so tempting and very wonderful dessert !!

  13. These sound yummy! I need to do them this weekend, I hope to come up with something as yum :D

  14. Wow! I wanna make this. It's irresistable!

  15. ooh...this look so yummy. Great job! :)

  16. This looks gorgeous. Can't really think of pairing anything better with Rasgullas than mangoes. :)
    Welcome to our little group and I hope you enjoy cooking/ baking with us.

  17. Looks very inviting Gayathri

  18. i'm surely gonna try this yummy recipe


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