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Monday, February 21, 2011

Veg Noodles With Spicy Sauce

I had some Japanese spicy sauce in the fridge which I prepared for The Daring Cook's Challenge. When I started preparing noodles, I remembered the sauce. I added it to my usual recipe. My hubby loved it a lot. We had this for evening and we really enjoyed it a lot. After preparing the sauce with the given ingredients, you can use it and refrigerate the remaining sauce for future use.

For the sauce:

Soya sauce-3tbs
Spring Onions-3/4cup(finely chopped)
White Vinegar-2tbs
Mustard Powder-1/4tsp
Veg Oil-1tbs
Sesame Oil-1tbs
Pepper powder-1/3tsp
For the Noodles:
Plain noodles-200gm
Green Peas-1/8cup
Spring Onion-1/4cup(chopped)
Green Chilly Sauce-2tbs
Tomato Sauce-1tbs
Salt-to taste
Olive Oil-2tsp

The Sauce:
1. In a bottle add all the ingredients and shake well until salt and sugar are dissolved.
2. Add 2tbs water and mix well.
3. Adjust seasoning if needed.
The Noodles:
1. Boil enough water.
2. Add a tsp of oil and the noodles.
3. When cooked, strain in a strainer.
4. Keep the strainer under running water to bring the temperature down.
5. Keep the cooked noodles aside.
6. Heat oil in a pan. Add thinly sliced onions,carrot,green peas and spring onions. 
7. Reserve some spring onions for garnish.
8. Add salt and sugar and saute on medium flame until the vegetables are cooked.
9. Add 4tbs of the spicy sauce, tomato sauce and green chilly sauce.(You can vary the quantity of sauces according to your taste)
10. Give it a nice stir.
11. Add the cooked noodles and mix gently.
12. Garnish with spring onions and serve with tomato sauce.


  1. looks absolutely wonderful...I can't take my eyes off these yummy delights... my all time fav...

  2. Step 9 of recipe talks of tomato sauce twice, is it adding spicy sauce and tomato sauce or is there a third sauce?Thanks for clarifying.

  3. Looks yumm ... a very good one pot meal:-)

  4. This is a good idea to use the left over sauce..the noodles are looking so good.

  5. Thanks Rajani, it is just a typing error. I typed tomato sauce instead of green chilly sauce. It is now corrected. Thanks for prompting.

  6. Looks very delicious, I'm sure your sauce must have tasted awesome. Next time when I'm making noodles, I'm definitely going to try your version.

  7. Yes, next time I am definitely trying ur version.

  8. I love noodles in any form. This version sounds yum too!!

    US Masala

  9. the noodles look so colourful perfect and tempting.

  10. veggie noodles with spicy sauce looks delicious.

  11. Yummy Noodles and looks colurful :)

  12. my fav noodles looks yummy with that spicy sauce

  13. Tempting bowl of delicious noodles, truly inviting.

  14. Thanks Gayathri,want to try this soon,bookmarked.

  15. Love the sauce and will try for my noodles too.

  16. I love noodles and that looks so tempting..thanks for sharing this!


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